A Brief Description of My Free and Unique Services
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Based in Torquay, South Devon, I can provide the following specialist funeral hearse conveyance services free of charge:

Baby & Infant Funerals

This service was created to enable bereaved parents to travel with their loved one to the place of interment. Using a white or black Range Rover, the coffin rests inside the vehicle on a catafalque, with the parents sitting directly in front of it, leaving a dignified, positive and lasting memory for them. Small coffins can rest between the parents on a special deck.

Motorcycle Themed Funerals
I have two custom built trikes which draw an specially made open-top bier, on which the coffin rests. This service was created to assist bereaved families who want to give their loved one the send off a biker deserves, but find the cost of hiring in a specialist company prohibitive.

HM Armed Forces Veterans Funerals

Possibly the closest there is to conveying a coffin draped with the Union flag on a horse drawn gun carriage, as used in state and ceremonial funerals. Using a black Range Rover, this unique method of honouring our military veterans in a procession to their place of interment will leave a lasting memory for family, friends and comrades attending.

Escorted Ashes Transportation
With this bespoke service, the ashes of a loved one are transported in a specially adapted white or black Range Rover, to ensure they are treated with the greatest dignity and respect.

Emergency Hearse Cover & Second Hearse Hire
I can provide these services for funeral homes should the need arise.