Escorted Ashes Transportation

About This Free Service  

Cremated remains, or ashes as they are more widely referred to, should be treated with the greatest dignity and respect when being transported. Further, they should never leave the sight or control of the carrier.

I offer a service whereby the the ashes are transported on a purpose built deck that stands on a catafalque draped in purple crushed velvet using either a white or a black Range Rover. A light blue or a light pink crushed velvet drape can be used for babies or infants. Framed photographs can be displayed at the bottom of the catafalque, together with other tributes if required. The driver, who also acts as the carrier, wears a dark suit and is proficient in driving hearses.

Boxes and urns, made of any material, will be safely and securely held onto the deck using our specially adapted adjustable stops. There will be four stops in total holding the box or urn. Only two are shown in each of the above photographs, to act as a visual aid to our secure holding system.