Carriage Masters

Hearse with Driver

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have decided to delay having our our hearse vinyl wraped in white. Instead it will remain black and be available for funeral homes in South Devon to hire with a driver on an as required basis.

Our alternative hearse services are free for the community in Torbay, where we are based. In those cases the Funeral Director would suggest to the family that a donation be made to a local children's charity we support. However, regarding the carriage masters service, as we are providing a service to a funeral home, we would state the amount of the donation they should make to the charity for the service.

The hearse is a black Ford Fairlane Cardinal Ghia built by Coleman Milne. It has a walnut veneer deck with two bearer seats that have cover boards. It can accomodate a coffin or casket of up to 97 x 34 inches.

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