White Daimler Hearse

In Service from August 2022

About this service and why I do not charge for it 

Traditionally in England hearses are black to signify mourning. However, because funerals are now viewed by many as a celebration of life white hearses are being used more frequently for funerals, although they are still quite a rare commodity. My white hearse is the only one based in the South West of England.

A white hearse can be used for all types of funerals, although it is especially suited for the funerals of women and is equally suited for the funerals of children and teenagers. It is also popular with the LGBT community, for which I can provide an 8 x 5 ft rainbow flag to be draped over the coffin if required. 

Mine is an elegant Daimler XJ series hearse, coach-built by Wilcox, which has one large window on each side of where the coffin rests so that it can be clearly seen in its entirety, together with any floral tributes.

I deem it an honour and a privilege to convey a loved one to their place of interment on behalf of the family, and for that reason I cannot accept payment in return for this service. Instead I ask that a charitable donation is made in the loved one's memory to Torbay Bikers for Kids who raise funds to purchase items that help improve the lives and/or education of children who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged living in Torbay and the surrounding area. So far, 144 children have been helped by donations.