About This Unique Service and Why I Do Not Charge

Based in Torquay on the English Riviera, I have been providing a specialist and alternative hearse service in South Devon since 2016. I personally pay for all the vehicles, their running costs and upkeep, together with all the equipment needed.

I deem it an honour to convey a family's loved one to their place of interment in a way that will leave a lasting memory for family & friends attending, and give their loved one the special send-off that they deserve. For that reason I do not require any payment for this service. Instead I ask that a charitable donation is made by the family in the loved one's memory to Torbay Bikers for Kids, and there is information about them below together with a link to their Facebook page.

Reggie Kray Jnr

Torbay Bikers for Kids are a group of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts who volunteer to raise funds so they can purchase items to help improve the lives and education of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Torbay, South Devon and the surrounding area. So far they have helped 140 local children. When you donate to them you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation in memory of your loved one. They are in their fifth year and their Patron is the television celebrity 'Wee Jimmy Krankie'.

Some of the 140 local children helped by Torbay Bikers for Kids