Football Supporter's Hearse

The Ultimate Send-off for a Fan of Their Beloved Club and the Beautiful Game

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About This Unique Service and Why I Do Not Charge

For those who in life passionately supported a particular football club, my football supporter’s themed hearse would be perfect for their final journey by giving them the ultimate send-off any soccer fan could ask for and showing all in attendance their love for the club they supported.

The hearse carries the club’s name and crest on its front, sides & rear. The coffin, which is draped with the club’s flag, rests on a deck of imitation grass and bunting in the club’s colours adorns the top of the rear & side windows. Even the club’s anthem can be played when the loved one’s coffin is being removed from the hearse. This will leave a lasting memory for family, friends and fellow supporters attending.

I deem it an honour to convey a loved one to their place of interment on behalf of the family, and for that reason I cannot accept payment in return for this service. Instead I ask that a charitable donation is made in the loved one's memory to Torbay Bikers for Kids who raise funds to help improve the lives and education of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Torbay and the surrounding area. So far some 134 children have been helped by donations, many of them being the sons & daughters of supporters of my local football club.

More football clubs are being added to the service, so ask if the hearse is able to be themed to your loved one's club.

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