Baby & Infant Funerals

To enable bereaved parents to travel with their loved one to the place of interment

About This Free Service


There are several ways to convey a baby or infant’s coffin to its place of interment, such as a horse drawn carriage, a classic vehicle converted into a hearse, or in a funeral home’s standard hearse. These options whilst extremely worthy, all cost money, and more importantly, the bereaved parents are unable to travel with their loved one, who must make the journey alone. I know from personal experience that it would be so much better if parents were able to travel with their loved one on that final journey, and not have to follow behind in a vehicle. All the bereaved parents I know agree with these sentiments.

For this reason I have established a free baby & infant hearse service using a white Range Rover so that parents can travel with their loved-one to the place of interment. The coffin rests inside the vehicle on a catafalque, which is draped in either purple, pale blue or pale pink crushed velvet. Personal items such as a shawl, toys, photographs and flowers can be positioned around it. The parents, together with another close family member, if they so choose, sit on the vehicle's rear seats, which is just in front of where the coffin rests. Small coffins can rest between the parents on a special deck if preferred, with dark tinted windows giving the privacy needed. A black Range Rover is available if preferred.

This service has been designed to ensure that the final journey the bereaved parents share with their loved one leaves a dignified, lasting and positive memory for them.

The white Range Rover Hearse with a coffin resting on the catafalque at the rear of the vehicle 
A portable deck can be placed in the middle of the rear passenger seats so that a small coffin is able to rest between the parents

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