White Hearse Funerals

About this Free Service

A white hearse is especially suited for the funeral of a child or teenager, although families may also prefer it to convey an adult loved-one. This colour hearse is also popular with the LGBT community, and we can provide a rainbow flag to be draped over the coffin.

Traditionally in England hearses are black to signify mourning, but because funerals are now viewed by many as a celebration of life, white hearses are being used more frequently for funerals, although they are hard to find.

Popular worldwide, white hearses have been used for the funerals of statesmen, dignitaries and celebrities. A recent survey showed that members of the public find it difficult to tell the make of hearses apart, and can really only identify a hearse by its colour.

The hearse is a Ford Fairlane Cardinal Ghia which is white with a pearl finish and has a walnut veneer deck which is raised where the coffin rests to make it the focal point of attention. It was built by the renowned UK coachbuilder Coleman Milne.

This service has been delayed until the COVID-19 pandemic is over in the UK

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